The stronger Wi-Fi signal could help you for faster performance and better coverage distance, so the proper position and configuration of your router for optimal signal strength is mandatory. Here are some tricks I am sharing with you.

Adjust Antenna Vertically

Antennas came up with Routers are usually adjustable. Always it comes pointed horizontally to fit the router inside its box. For highest signal strength, position your router’s antenna vertically, pointing straight up. If you have more than one antenna, you will not get more performance by pointing them in different directions.

Place Your Router on a high shelf

If you are living in a large home or office, place the router closer to the center to maximize coverage. If you position the router at one end of the building, you may get poor signal at the other end. So, if you have placed the router at one end of your home and the signal strength is just fine on the other side, you do not need to change your place even.

In addition, for higher coverage, the router should be high up. Positioning it on the floor is the worst location, so if possible place it on a high shelf.

Keep in mind the most important thing do not place the router on or just near to large metal objects, like metal shelves or filing cabinets. These may block the signal. Metal or stone walls can also block Wi-Fi, while wood and plaster walls will not cause any problems.

Selecting the ideal Channel

If you’re in an area with many different Wi-Fi networks – such as an apartment complex or even just a house close to other homes – your neighbors’ networks are probably interfering with yours.

To minimize this, move your router further away from the other Wi-Fi access points, if you can. For example, if you’re in an apartment and have a router in the corner of your room, your neighbor’s router might be right on the other side of the wall.

But the best thing you can do is switch to a different channel. You access this option on your router’s settings page: check your router’s instruction manual for instructions on how to do that. Locate the channel option in the router’s web interface and change it to a different channel with less interference.

To choose the best channel, use the Wi-Fi Analyzer app for Android phones and tablets, which can monitor the networks near you and recommend the least-cluttered channel for your network. Similar apps are not even obtainable for iPhone or iPad due to the limitations Apple places on app developers.

This is all you really have to do is place your router in a proper position and select the perfect channel to optimize your network. Definitely, bringing a new router that supports modern, improved standards may also provide you signal strength and better speed.